Wireless Terminal

Emerald Coast Merchant Solutions offers a wireless terminal that allows you to take payments easily and with complete confidence. These handheld readers feature the EMV chips that protect not only your customers but you as the merchant as well. The clear display is simple to read and navigate, as well as a quick processor to decrease wait time.

Emerald Coast Merchant Solutions in Pensacola, FL is a full-service payment processor that makes running your business and taking payments main stream and simple. We have options for card processing and we can help you choose the right one for your business today. Don’t pay unnecessary fees, Contact Us today.

  • Oceano Mobile (branded version of an iWL255 –AT&T, and iWL252 – Bluetooth)
  • Vx680
  • 1stPayMobile (mobile app available on Android and iOS)  EMV release coming soon.
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