Are you a small business in Pensacola, FL or are you thinking about starting a small business? Emerald Coast Merchant Services can help you get started with Small Business Merchant Services! We understand that as a new business owner it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the lingo of merchant services and trying to figure out which one will fit the needs of your business. It’s very important to go with a merchant that is reliable and that can be trusted with one of the most important parts of your business. 

But who can you trust?

That’s one of the most common questions and the answer isn’t as clear cut as most would hope for. There are a few things to look for though when you are reviewing merchants. Here a few tips to look for and do to ensure you are getting what your business needs.

  • Tips to Finding the Right Merchant
  • Shop Around: don’t go with the first one you check out!
  • Ask Around: personal recommendations are some of the best. 
  • Ask specific questions that pertain to your business.
  • Check out their website 
  • Ask about their contracts and processing fees
  • Ask about their customer support

Choosing the right Small Business Merchant Services is very important, so take your time and make sure you are getting exactly what you need for your growing business. We love answering questions and educating our customers so please Contact Us to learn more. We offer a wide variety of services. 

Emerald Coast Merchant Solutions in Pensacola, FL is a full-service payment processor that makes running your business and taking payments mainstream and simple. We have options for card processing and we can help you choose the right one for your business today. Don’t pay unnecessary fees, Learn More about us today.

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