EMV Complaint

We are all aware by now that all business must to EMV complaint to protect themselves as well as their customers or risk paying fees when information is breeched. Is your business READY? If the answer is no, don’t worry! Emerald Coast Merchant Services in Pensacola, FL has exactly what you need to be EMV compliant. Our VX520 is the perfect terminal. Its EMV ready, NFC capable, and very user friendly. Our Rio all in one is also a great terminal that is EMV Compliant.

EMV Complaint

Why use EMV?

Its more SECURE! Unlike the magnetic strip each transaction gets its own authorization code and makes it more much more difficult to be duplicated. If you’re still using non-EMV-enabled POS terminals right now, then you should strongly consider switching to EMV-compliant payment terminals soon. Aside from getting rid of the possibility of liability shift, you can also enjoy all the benefits enumerated above. Our free terminal promo will benefit business owners and merchants who have been looking for the perfect payment processing facility.

We offer the best in technology, our VX680 Wireless Terminal is EMV-ready and capable of accepting an endless amount of contactless and mobile payments. Your customers are also assured that the transactions are secure and their financial information is protected. The device uses end-to-end encryption, and it is PCI- and EMV-certified.

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